Mr. Choirguy in U.S. tested 12 metronome apps for iPhone and iPod touch, and found that musebook metronome m10 is the most accurate metronome. http://bit.ly/cS1kKE

Do you still be with inaccurate metronomes? or be with the most accurate m10? Don't miss FREE m10 with FREE updates.

  • Free
  • Accurate beat timing at any tempo
  • Simple digital hardware user interface
  • Easy to use on a single screem
  • Up/Down the tempo at a press
  • Fast Up/Down at a long press
  • Mute and Beat flash


musebook metronome m10 is very accurate and has essential metronome features for music students. (If you want more features, get musebook metronome m30 or m30 pendulum style~)

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